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QBCC- 500mg Chocolate bar

QBCC- 500mg Chocolate bar

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10 pieces 

50mg THC per piece

500mg per bar


Indulge in the ultimate cannabis-infused treat with Queensborough Cannabis Co.'s 500mg THC Infused Chocolate Bar. Elevate your chocolate experience to a whole new level with this delectable creation that brings together the richness of premium chocolate and the euphoric touch of THC.

Each chocolate bar contains a total of 500mg of THC, thoughtfully divided into 10 easy-to-dose pieces, with 50mg of THC per piece. This precise dosing allows you to enjoy the perfect amount of THC for your desired experience, making it ideal for both beginners and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

Quality is at the heart of every Queensborough Cannabis Co. product, and this THC-infused chocolate bar is no exception. We start with the finest quality, ethically sourced cocoa beans, ensuring a velvety and luxurious chocolate base. Our master chocolatiers skillfully blend in the precise amount of THC extract, expertly crafted to achieve a consistent and reliable potency in every piece.

Open the sleek packaging and be greeted by the tantalizing aroma of rich cocoa, setting the stage for a delightful journey of flavors. As each piece of chocolate melts in your mouth, you'll experience the decadent taste of premium chocolate perfectly balanced with a subtle hint of cannabis, making every bite a true pleasure for your senses.

Queensborough Cannabis Co.'s THC Infused Chocolate Bar is the perfect companion for any occasion. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day, share a joyful moment with friends, or simply satisfy your sweet cravings with an elevated twist, this chocolate bar has you covered.

Please remember that this product contains THC, a psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Consume responsibly and be mindful of the effects. Start low and go slow, especially if you're new to THC-infused edibles. The effects may take some time to kick in, so allow at least an hour before deciding to take more.

Treat yourself to a world of cannabis-infused bliss with Queensborough Cannabis Co.'s 500mg THC Infused Chocolate Bar. Discover the perfect harmony of premium chocolate and THC, crafted to elevate your chocolate experience to a level fit for royalty. Enjoy responsibly and savor the magic in every delicious piece.


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